Left Handed Giant Running Club

The brief:

Create enticing, welcoming motion graphics

to promote a new run club hosted by an independent brewery Left Handed Giant.



This was a passion project for one of Bristols finest professional long distance runners. She wanted to build a new running community in the hub of Bristol that pulls together all ages, disciplines and levels of ability. The brands ethos is no ones left behind, at the end of every run all the runners wait at the brewery doors to clap in the remaining runners until everyone's counted to show a sign of unity and respect for each other. The Club has grown considerably in a year with it infectious positive spirit, motivational mentality and it helps being situated in a delicious brewery. I wanted to portray this vision in each promotional story and post. I decided to use the members footage, a typeface to suite the beer culture and a tone of voice get people curious and reel in the runners.



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