Positive Type

I wanted to start a personal ongoing project of mine to keep pushing myself as a designer and have a bit

of creative freedom playing with 'Positive Type'. This is a collection of mindful messages through type promoting self care and words of kindness to share with others. In the past couple of years I've been researching into ways of helping mental health through self help practices. One of the most powerful methods is meditating, stimulating our happy thoughts and relaxing our minds from our stressful, busy lifestyles to become present and in doing so find peace with ourselves and others. Here a range of designs inspired by wise words in books, music, from loved ones and through my practice.



For my First exercise I wanted to create a typeface. The idea came from Deepak Chopra album 'The Soul of Healing Affirmations' an A-Z of mindful affirmations. A series of motivational exercises to help you restore balance, healing and rejuvenation.
I meditated everyday listening to each letter which was a struggle for me as I can't

sit still and my mind tends to race when I stop. So I wanted the typeface to reflect

the state of mind you should be in when you meditate the idea of emptying your
mind and sitting in the present just taking in words of your practice but nothing else.
I designed an elegant, spacious, thin framed typeface with empty blocks to be filled with meditative teachings.

'Surrender to the flow of love' - Words of wisdom from a wonderful yoga teacher. I’ve been thinking of this a lot whilst facing my demons and wanting to give up, go back to bed. It’s easy to react and fight back when you’re frustrated. But if you can surrender move through an uncomfortable practice or situation, be patient, you will see the benefits and receive the rewards in doing so.

'Imagine Believe Achieve' - There's no time like the present to put things into perspective and set some goals for the future. What do you really want? Where do you want to be? How will you achieve this? these are some of the questions I like to ask myself whenever I feel I've hit a wall in my life.

'The light in me see the light in you' - I practice a lot of home yoga, usually Yoga with Adrienne. It reminds me to take a breath slow down and helps me focus. Getting me out of my head and start opening my eyes to other people with an equally open outlook on life . This line is one of the intentions said by Adrienne. I read this as a compliment to say to someone who sees you and you see them for who they really are.

'You Got This' - To know someone believes in you when you’re going through a tough time or being pushed to your limits is the greatest gift to receive in my eyes. When I'm on my own and I’m not feeling at my best these motivational words pop into my head giving me a shot of adrenaline. It’s one thing to exercise for your own health but to inspire and train others to achieve their goals is admirable. Be the best version of you I’m sure you have someone in your life who keeps you on your toes and you are super grateful for having them keeping you in check.

Free Your Self - It’s hard not to feel trapped from time to time but there's always a way to free yourself. Small pleasures can enlighten your day and open your eyes to the bigger picture. If it’s through meditation, music, escaping in a book, running through some fields, walking through the woods looking up at the trees above.
Create your own space find your own freedom feel that endless energy within.

Fight Fear With Focus - If your training for a race, body strengthening or even just turning up on the mat, keeping a positive mindset can be a game changer. I’ve been reminded throughout the years mind over matter is so important. You never know what you’re capable of until you get thrown in the deep end and if you stay focused with a cool head they’ll be no stopping you.

Rise and Shine - Some mornings I wake up, stare at the ceiling and think oh god not again. The reason I get up is not just for a nice cup of coffee or because eventually I’ll get fired or die of boredom but for that little spark of intrigue. What might happen today, what will I learn, what fear will I over come, what’s going to make me laugh or simply what makes today different. If you keep up this belief, try your hardest to be present even if it’s just little acts of kindness, you’ve already made a difference by bringing the sunshine. You never know what opportunities will arise and who’s

day you just made a little bit brighter.

You Do You - You can roll your eyes to this title but the older I get the more I’ve realised how important self care really is and I’ve actually started using this not just in a comical context but telling people I’m close with to look after themselves. I’ve had to tell myself this many times and listen to the quiet voice in my head telling me to put myself first before helping others. This doesn’t come naturally to me but I do believe if I’m being the best version of myself then I can be strong for others who aren’t quite feeling it that day. So if you can’t remember the last time you treated yourself then you should start now putting some time aside each day just for you to recharge and reconnect.

Let it go - It’s so easy to react when you find yourself in a toxic environment, a difficult situation or even just in the heat of the moment when you have other pressing matters and you feel like you want to let off some steam. But if you can take a deep breath, look at the bigger picture, rise above it and find a way to be at peace, then you’ll be free from carrying that emotional weight pulling you down and holding you back from being your higher self.

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