Unite Presents

The brief:

Design a brand and a promotional video for 'Unite Presents' a HIIT and yoga fitness event in Oslo.



This was great experience working with an Oslo duo creating an electric, vibrant and striking

very much fitting to their personalities too.

They were a wave of energy and really helped

me understand exactly what type of brand they wanted to be from the get go. This was a very quick turnaround so communication was key. They sent me over video content straight away and we had many calls to keep on schedule.

I'm happy with the overall look and feel of this promo I'm looking forward to designing their next event and having possibly more time to collate and edit the content. Also to help them evolve as they get more and more popular.



I asked Unite to send me over some examples of colour-ways, typefaces and brands they'd like aspire to so I could get an idea of what direction they'd like me to take.
This is what they came back to. I tried out quite a few backdrops for the type and in
the end they decided they wanted it to be heading towards a neon colour pallet. The logo naturally evolved after a couple of different attempts (as seen on the right below).

The order of the storyboard was essential  showing the audience exactly what was in store for the event. So there were many attempts back and forth with the client to make sure it was cohesive (example below). Here's the final post (on the right click for version with sound) for the clients below they were very happy with the results and keen to get it live. They had a fantastic response to their first evening they sold out of tickets and people were even joining the group on the harbour because they wanted to take part

so much. They were perfect clients and cant wait to work with them in the future.

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